Episode 7 – Give Us 45 Minutes to Change Your Mind, John MacArthur (Israel and the Church)

In 2007 John MacArthur delivered a nuclear message entitled, “Why Every Self Respecting Calvinist Should be a Premillennialist.”  Truth be told, it should have been entitled: “Why I think Everyone Should be a Dispensationalist.”  But that isn’t nearly so catchy.

Needless to say, the message caused quite a stir back in the day.  Even to this day one can still hear the distant echoes of Reformed groans reverberating across the plains of some lonely valley.

In this episode, we add to the echo, providing not only a critique of MacArthur’s inciting message, but a positive exegetical case for the church as New Israel.

Give us 45 minutes to change your mind, dispensational friends.  Just 45 minutes and an open mind.


Here is MacArthur’s original message.

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