Episode 10: Beware the Me Monster

Just another day on the set of Sensus Divinipodcastis.  We talk meaninglessness, the evolution of literary excellence, and of course how to slay Me Monsters.


Be sure to check out Brian Regan’s hilarious bit on the Me Monster:

Episode 9 – Sesame Street, Cruising Outer Space, and Speaking in Tongues

Grab your best Grover voice, along with the keys to your intergalactic space mobile, and join us as we ask this important question: Is the gift of prophecy and tongues still in operation today?

John Piper answers in the affirmative.  So does Austin (though hesitantly).  As for Dennis, he’s perhaps a bit more lukewarm.  Join us as with wrestle with this fascinating topic.


Desiring God: What is Prophecy Today?

Poythress articles: One and Two

Showing the Spirit, D.A. Carson


Episode 7 – Give Us 45 Minutes to Change Your Mind, John MacArthur (Israel and the Church)

In 2007 John MacArthur delivered a nuclear message entitled, “Why Every Self Respecting Calvinist Should be a Premillennialist.”  Truth be told, it should have been entitled: “Why I think Everyone Should be a Dispensationalist.”  But that isn’t nearly so catchy.

Needless to say, the message caused quite a stir back in the day.  Even to this day one can still hear the distant echoes of Reformed groans reverberating across the plains of some lonely valley.

In this episode, we add to the echo, providing not only a critique of MacArthur’s inciting message, but a positive exegetical case for the church as New Israel.

Give us 45 minutes to change your mind, dispensational friends.  Just 45 minutes and an open mind.


Here is MacArthur’s original message.

Episode 6 – Hypothetical Universalism and the Boundaries of Reformed Orthodoxy (with historian Michael Lynch)

Can a black coffee Calvinist with the Canons of Dort tattooed on his back (he’s broad shouldered, of course) affirm that Christ did in fact pay an objective and sufficient price for the sins of the non-elect?  The answer is yes.  But of course, many today would recoil at the thought and demand that the “4-point Calvinist” or worse, “Amyraldian,” as he will no doubt be called, turn in his Reformed papers and hang out in the corner, somewhere near the cluster of shivering and pitiable Arminians.

But is this justified historically?

Join us as we talk with historian, Michael Lynch, about early Reformed thought and the issue of the extent of the atonement.


Works by Michael Lynch

I would especially point the listener to his lecture “Early Modern Hypothetical Universalism: Reflections on the Status Quaestionis and Modern Scholarship,” and his excellent entry”Confessional Orthodoxy and Hypothetical Universalism: Another Look at the Westminster Confession of Faith.”

It would also behoove the reader to check out John Davenant’s profound treatment of the subject of the extent of Christ’s death here.

I would also heartily recommend that listeners check out several of my posts on the subject over at “The Sound of Doctrine.” See especially:

Star Trek Transporters (Death Machines?), Poythress and Lying, and Marriage Rape Laws

Yeah, quite the spread of topics this week.  We ask whether or not transporters are death machines, wrap up the trolley problem discussion by pushing back on Grudem, and delve into the uncomfortable waters of marriage rape laws.  Note that this last section is for mature audiences only.  [Also, do forgive some audio hiccups during the first 30 minutes.  Every so often the audio skips a second of recording.  The computer we were using was struggling (probably updating while recording)].

A pretty in-depth discussion of the transporter problem here.
Grudem’s article.
Poythress’ article.







Episode 4 – Sam Harris’ Abortion Logic (Or Shall We Say His Abortion of Logic?)

In this crazy episode, we rail on the movie “The Last Jedi,” ask whether or not we would marry someone who is going to die in 6 months, rant about home-birthing (or at least one of us does), and dig into an audio clip where Sam Harris expresses moral certainty about the issue of abortion (which one has to wonder, after listening to him, whether he is certain at all!).


[*Note as well that I make some concessions about home-birthing in the next episode.  So before going monkey on me, wait and see what I have to say in the next episode 🙂 ]